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Branch update

♦ David Paterson was elected as Education Officer.

♦ The Branch agreed to support the demonstration at the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 27th September at 10.45am to mark United Nations Older People's Day. The Scottish Pensioners Forum is calling on the Scottish Governmment and MSPs to recognise the contribution and dedication that older people have made, and continue to make, to help safeguard welfare rights during the past 70 years, both in policy making, campaigning and in wider society as a whole.

♦ A number of Branch members will be visiting the Forth Valley Retired Memebrs Branch on 17th September.

♦ The Branch's Xmas Lunch will beheld on Thursday 6th December at 12.30pm. Further details and tickets at the October Branch meeting.

Unite Scotland social media update

Jake McLeod - Chair of the Glasgow Retired Members sat down to tell us about retired members activities; including their song club, and their role in assisting other campaigns.

Steve Turner - Assistant General Secretary. Steve Turner came visit our retired members in Scotland, and to find out more about what they are doing. 

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There are a number of other comments, events and images we have shared with our followers on our social media streams you can find on our streams below.
Twitter: @UniteScotland
Instagram: @uniteunionscotland

Campaign to save
Inchgreen Dry Dock

Peel Ports are vandalising the facilities at Inchgreen Dry Dock purchased in

2002 from Clydeport. They blew up the cranes in July 2017 claiming it was
too costly to service and maintain. No investment has been made in the
facility since 2002 and rumour is they want to infill the dock and sell the land
for housing. The Dry Dock is the second largest in the UK and a major asset
for Inverclyde and the west coast.
 Who are Peel Ports?
The Peel Group is constructed like a Russian Doll, a company within a
company within a company and so on that produces hundreds of
The holding companies are registered in Tax havens, the Isle of Man and the
Cayman Islands.

Facebook page: click here and 38 Degrees page: click here

Click here for further details of the campaign and click here for a 200+ page report on the Peel Group.

Branch resolution on fuel charges and VAT

At the February meeting of the Branch, the following motion was carried, nem con:
This Branch urges Unite to campaign for the removal of VAT from gas and elecrticity charges. "Heating is a service essential to life and with our withdrawal from the European Union there is no necessity to pay this tax. We ask that this issue is raised with the Labour Party, with a view to it being incorporated in their general election manifesto, and other appropriate bodies."

Awards for All Questionnaire

As a branch we wish to apply for a project to Awards for All Funding under the aim of bringing people together and building strong relationships across communities. The project should show how we will build relationships and we need to show what the impact will be e.g. less isolation and / or loneliness, more confidence, improved wellbeing, increased involvement in participating, any evidence the project will encourage members to get involved in their communities.
We must show that members will be in the lead in determining what the project will be. Can you please complete the following options and make suggestions as to the type of project you would like us to apply for. Please tick any project you would be interested in participating in. You can tick more than one.
We are also asking for some personal information from you but this is anonymous and you will not be identified.

Option 1: A music linked project tying in with our Union Song Club: Purchase of dedicated portable equipment and other associated costs for the song club to enable us to improve the quality of the Song Club Sessions and to enable us to visit other union branches and encourage them to set up song clubs and to do outdoor events in Dundee, Ayr, Dumfries, Highlands and Islands, Edinburgh, Lothians, Fife.
Option 2: A music and story project “Playlist for Life”
A project where members work together to create a play and story list of their musical memories and record these on a MP3 player. Members will work in pairs or small groups to support each other to create their playlist for life and to record short stories about these memories. Members will be trained in how to do this.
The project will purchase 50 MP3 players and tap into resources created by Playlist for Life which also affords volunteering opportunities.
We will create a memory book for each member who participates the cost of which will be covered by the Awards for All grant.
Option 3: A study tour linking with Retired Members in Liverpool and Manchester.
The study tour could include some or all of the following.. Please tick any which interest you.
a) Iconic music venues in Liverpool, Manchester.
b) The International Museum of Slavery( Liverpool)
c) Liverpool Docklands
d) Manchester People’s History Museum
The Theme for all would be Britain and Black Slavery (choose all if need be)
Option 4: Your ideas?
Please list any ideas you have for a project or you could suggest a combination of the projects listed above.

Click here to access the questionnaire