Stop Fire & Rehire
at Weetabix

If you make money for Weetabix we will be calling on you to join us in opposing their #Fireandrehire plans. We begin today with Unite Retired Members Branch Glasgow at Sainsbury's Tesco Asda in #Glasgow City Centre. There are no excuses, stand with us or be guilty by association!
#Takingthebiscuit #Cheetabix Unite Scotland


UN Day of Older Persons

The Branch was represented at the demonstration on 30th September 2021 at the Scottish Parliament to mark the United Nations Day of Older Persons. 
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STUC Black History Month
Lecture 2021

Sir Geoff Palmer & Anita Shelton | Fri, 1 October 2021 | 18:00 – 19:15

Join the STUC Black Worker's Committee on Friday, 1 October 2021 for the annual Black History Month lecture: "In Conversation with Sir Geoff Palmer and Anita Shelton."

In 1989, Sir Geoff Palmer became Scotland’s first black professor and is Chancellor of Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. Alongside his academic work, Sir Geoff is also a prominent human rights activist and has penned a book on race relations entitled Mr. White and the Ravens.

Anita Shelton has long been an active trade unionist (and is a member of Unite Retired Members Branch Glasgow), being a founding member of the STUC Black Workers’ Committee and a former member of the STUC General Council. Anita has been a member of national and regional committees of Unite the Union, and she was honoured with a Special Award in recognition of her work with and support of black trade unionists in Scotland by the STUC Women’s Committee.

The event will take place online.

To register click here


Digital Equity for All Ages




To mark UN International Day of Older Persons 2021, the SPF, in conjunction with its members and affiliates, will be demonstrating outside The Scottish Parliament and calling for Ministers and MSP’s to recognise the contribution and dedication that older people have made, and continue to make, within society and in line with this year’s theme, bring awareness of the importance of digital inclusion for older people and the stereotypes and discrimination associated with the drive towards a digital age.
Join us to secure the same rights, both now and for future generations
We will be assembling from 10.45AM outside the Scottish Parliament.


Universal social care and over 75s TV licence campaign

The TUC is holding an online Zoom event on Tuesday 21st September ,2021 from 1pm - 3pm.

Social care: the aim of the talk is to call for a universal social care, free at the point of delivery. The talk, by Lord Prem Sikka, will highlight the fundamental fault lines in social care. It will also show how free universal social care can be provided through the redistribution of income and wealth, without increasing the basic rate of income tax or an increase in the basic rate of national insurance. Lord Prem Sikka is an Emeritus Professor of Accounting at the University of Essex and the University of Sheffield.
Over 75s TV licence campaign: the National Pensioners Convention (NPC) is continuing to campaign for the re-instatement of the free TV licence for all over 75s. This important entitlement - which pensioners received to compensate for the low UK state pension - should be the responsibility of the government and not the BBC. The talk will be given by Beverley Morrison, NPC National Public Affairs Manager, who is an experienced journalist and public relations specialist.

To register for this event, please email dlewis@tuc.org.uk 


Convalescent benefit

Branch members may be entitled to the benefit of an up to two weeks convalescent stay at the View Hotel, Eastbourne. The rules for whether you qualify are somewhat complex and depend on when you retired:

> before 1st August 2010; or
> on or after 1st August 2010 (but with different rules for 1st August 2010 to 31st march 2015);
> in either case require you to be paying the Retired Member Plus subscription; and
> in some cases, require you to have paid the Enhanced Subscription rate prior to retiral.

Full details can be seen in the following forms:
Click here to download the Convalescent Benefit Checklist, and
Click here to download the Convalescent care application form.


WASPI Demo at Kelvingrove

The Branch banner was prominent at the WASPI demonstration at Kelvingrove on the 6th September 2021. The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum was one of a number of buildings throughout Scotland lit in purple in support of the continuing campaign. 



Coastal Path Walk

Fantastic walk on the 27th August. The Inverclyde Coastal Path is highly recommended. Lovely views, historic with good paths. Our lively group chatted all the way to Gourock before a few wee swallies in a pub with a view! 8.5 km in total. We even saw and waved to the Waverley. Can't wait until next month's walk

We even saw and waved to the Waverley. Can't wait until next month's walk.
Linda Clarke



Branch walking group launched

The first Branch Walking Group took place on Wednesday 28th July. The Walk, organised by Branch stalwarts Linda Clarke and Dave Sherry, was a great success with eleven people enjoying a great walk, great crack and ...... it didn't rain (well, not much) and the pub at the end was good too!

The walk route consisted of a circuit round Milngavie and Craigton, starting and finishing along part of the West Highland Way.


Accessing Benefits Support

Trying to manage your finances when you are feeling stressed is hard and the benefits system can be like a navigating a maze where the route changes at every corner turned.
Our welfare system isn’t fit for purpose and it makes me angry to see people struggling. That’s why I have asked Unite Community to put together this guide. I want this to be a starting point so you have a good idea of where you can get help and financial support for as many things as possible.

Click here for the guide

Steve Turner
Unite Assistant General Secretary
with responsibility for Unite Community


Scottish Pensioners' Forum

The Branch is affiliated to Scottish Pensioners' Forum (SPF) and would encourage members to join this worthwhile organisation as an individual member - it only costs £5 a year for pensioners.
The Scottish Pensioners’ Forum was set up in 1992 as an umbrella organisation for groups and individuals working and campaigning for a better deal for older people.
The Forum was initiated by the STUC Pensioners Committee as a "national" body, to allow pensioners to speak on behalf of pensioners and was set up after discussion with bodies such as Help the Aged, Age Concern and the Scottish Old Age Pensions Association (now Scottish Pensions Association).
Membership details here: http://www.scottishpensioners.org.uk/memberships

A copy of the SPF paper on a national care service can be downloaded here and a copy of the report on Covid-19 and older workers' safety downloaded here

Branch elects new Treasurer

Following the sad death of Maureen Gardner, the Branch has elected a new Treasurer. She is Linda Clarke. Prior to her retiral, Linda was employed in the NHS and was a member of Unite's NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Branch.

Facebook Discussion Group

Following discussion at the Branch, a Facebook discussion group has been set up. As it is a closed group, you will need to ask to be approved. Only approved members can see posts etc.
Branch members can join at:
If you click on the above link, it will open in your usual browser. If you are not already logged into Facebook on that browser, you will need to log-in (if you are not already on Facebook, you will need to join, if you wish to participate in the discussion group).
There are a few, common sense rules that you need to observe when using the discussion group, but they can be summarised as 'Be Nice'.

Glasgow Educational & Marshall Trust

If you who have younger relatives and friends from Glasgow seeking to return to education, the Glasgow Educational & Marshall Trust provides funding for the people of Glasgow to advance their academic or vocational qualifications - whatever age or stage.
The Trust gives grants to people who have lived in Glasgow for over 5 years to assist with furthering their education.
Amounts awarded range between £100 and £1250. We give around 60 grants every year to the value of about £50,000.
The Trust has been established for over 75 years and is in fact an amalgamation of a number of local Educational Charities.
The funds that the Trust distributes are solely from an investment fund that has been built up over generations.
The Trust has a board of 22 governors drawn from educational institutes, the churches, Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Trade Union Council, The Trades House of Glasgow, The Merchants House of Glasgow.
Further information from: https://www.gemt.org.uk/



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