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Action Sub-Committee

The ASC meets in the Unite Glasgow Office
John Smith House,
145-165 West Regent Street,
Glasgow G2 4RZ

The Action Sub-Committee (ASC) has been set up to help the Branch organise support for industrial disputes and demonstrations etc. All Branch members are welcome to attend.
Copies of the minutes of previous ASC meetings can be downloaded here

Next Meeting: 10th May 2018 at 12.30
Room 4


1. Welcome and any apologies

2. Items from the Branch meeting
a) Communication with HQ regarding disputes
b) Branch leaflet
c) Community Branch
d) Discrimination (observer v delegate status)
e) Banner (Leaflet/letter)

3. Speakers to the Branch (June – John Keenan; others – Women Workers at G.C.Council; Update on Blacklisting; Roz Foyer - Manages Unite organisers; Len McCluskey; Jackson Cullinan –Unite Political Adviser; Fire Brigade – speaker and film.

4. Education Course 2nd & 9th May, 6th June

5. Anita’s article in Unite Works

6. List of campaigns; disputes; & demos (see list below *)

7. AOB & DONM (Room 3 : 14th June 12.30pm till 2pm)

*1. The UCU dispute ; 2. Campaign for removal of VAT from gas and electricity charges (Motion at Branch February meeting); 3. State pensions – UK lowest in developed world; 4. Equal pay claim for Council women workers; 5. Inchgreen Drydock dispute Greenock; 6. No Blacklisting Charter – Construction workers in Edinburgh to ensure the Local Authority signed up to it; 7. RBS – A coordinated Unite demo for the RBS AGM at its HQ in Goggerburn in May; 8. TTIP – further action and monitoring activities?; 9. Cambuslang 2 Sisters Food Plant closure; 10. Fujitsu dispute and Appeal; 11. MacDonalds Picket Line; 12. Emirates (next to Celtic Park) workers conditions; 13. Pensioners Bus Passes; 14. Trump’s Visit to UK in July; 15. 70th Birthday of the NHS and Unite’ plans for celebration in July.