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Action Sub-Committee

The ASC meets in the Unite Glasgow Office
John Smith House,
145-165 West Regent Street,
Glasgow G2 4RZ

The Action Sub-Committee (ASC) has been set up to help the Branch organise support for industrial disputes and demonstrations etc. All Branch members are welcome to attend.
Copies of the minutes of previous ASC meetings can be downloaded here

Next Meeting: 14th March 2019 at 10.30
Room 4


1. Welcome and Apologies

2. Marches & Demonstrations
    a) United Against Racism & Fascism, Saturday, 16 March, George Square, 11am
    b) May Day March 5th May, George Square
    c) UN Day of Older Persons 2019:

3. Scottish Hate Crime Legislation
    Anita will provide an introduction followed by discussion.

4. Speakers to the Branch meeting: Following the Branch meeting there are now several suggested speakers, which are listed here, some of which still require a speaker.
    a) April: Shrewsbury Campaign (Sammy Morris/Mick to organise)
    b) May & June: Unite (Jackson Cullinane); Recruitment (Roz Foyer). Mick to organise.
    c) August: Free wills & power of attorney (a solicitor) (D. Paterson)
    d) Other topics are: An EIS representative (is this still relevant?);Trussell Trust (Food Banks).
    e) Climate Change: Young campaigners.

5. Courses:
    a) 1 day on Equality Act/Age discrimination/Gender/ Sexual orientation & Disability. Gerry     Muirhead (Fife College): May or June.
    b) Retired Members Course at Eastbourne 13 to 17 October
    ) National Political Education School: Durham 10 to 13 July

6. AOB

7 Future dates for ASC: All on Thursdays at 12.30pm –11th April; 9th May; 13th June.